Tuesday, 2 December 2008

when you are what you are..

I'm a scientist..
the workload is phewwwwwwww...dont even ask..
i went to see the doctor yesterday, he said my BP is at the border line..what??
definitely NO NO to High Blood Pressure..
i need to relax..
can i??
its easier to work alone...hampeh punye statement. of course u can work alone, but how far can u go..? answer it yourself, maya..
but when it comes to delegate the task..u expect people to follow the plan, but No...they like to ikut kepala sendiri..bile ditegor ada aje jawapan nye ni..bengang la nih..

banyak2 la sabor..kalo robot bole la, re-synchronize..hahaha!!

what ever i said just now, are normal..dont even bother..i just need time to rationalize and move on..i'm STRONG..hahaha!!

so i want to share a very short and sweet story..
it happened last week, on my collecting mission in the state of Pahang..

we stopped by at this village..Kampung Gajah Mati, sumwhere near the railway..we found this old Terap tree..most probably 100++ years old..we took some pics and data..
near by where the tree is located, there were a bunch of kids playing..main "masak-masak"
i approached them and asked.. "main ape ni??--what are u playing?"
one of them answered, "main masak-masak--we're cooking.."
and i asked.."masak ape??-whats on the menu?"
the chubby one answered, "udang galah masak lemak--shrimps with coconut milk"
i burst into laughter..WOW!! what a menu..these kids are in advance mode..hihi..
i remember when i used to play "masak-masak" we only fried fish, steam vege's..but kids nowadays..are more advance..but if they said they are having roasted chicken with BBQ sauce i might have fainted on the spot..

funny but true..
i havent finish the story..

while we are taking some data of the tree..the kids were observing us too..(obviously..hehe)
one of them ask me.."Kakak buat ape ni??--sis, what are u doing??"
so i answered "kakak nak amek gambar pokok ni, nak amek tinggi pokok ni..--i'm taking pics of the tree and also its height.." i tried to give the simplest answer.
wierd isn't it? what are you doing, looking at this useless tree..?? no one even bother about it..( i think that what playing in these kids' head.. hahaha) bcoz one of them continued...
"kakak ni keje ape??--what is your profession?"..
i smiled and said.. "kakak saintis--i'm a scientist.."
then they whispered to one another..(so loud i heard them clearly..)
"kakak ni saintis cam PEPAYA"
again, i burst into laughter...akakakaka!!!
PEPAYA is a TV series played on TV3, a superhero..with big powerful hand, he likes to help people..well..thats what superheros are that program there is also a part played by this guy..A Scientist..he wears a labcoat, with a wierd hair-do.. (thats what i am..haha)
kelakar la budak2 nih...
suddenly the oldest among them shoved me with a piece of paper..and said..
"Kakak, nak autograf boleh?? ni kali pertama saya jumpa saintis...--sis, can i have your autograph?? this is the 1st time i met a scientist.."
waahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh...i was so flattered..terharu gile..appreciated in such a way...hehe..
so there i was, signing autographs..for all of them..and we took this pic..

moral of the story...cherish all the moments we positive!

me and the kids..PEPAYA's fans..hahaha!!

last night..


last night..i had a dream..
about someone i don't even know..
i hugged tight as if i knew him for if i missed him so much..
a very short dream, with no words..just like a charlie chaplin movie.. =P

but who is he..??
my meds..maybe it caused by the meds i'm taking right now..i hate this meds..even low dose can make me dizzy..huhuu..

mase makan ubat dah sampai..pasni tido lagi la jawabnye...maboksss!~~