Monday, 4 February 2008

An Inconvenient Truth

this has nothing to do with the Film i mentioned in my previous posting.
rite now, i'm kind of bengang & a bit kecik hati.

everybody have their own bad moments.
but that doesn't mean that u can simply lenjan the other party as if he/she just stabbed your back.come on la..this is not the first time. we are all adults. and i even said it to your face (literally..with 100% good attention..and 0% attempt to be cynical..)

penah dengar ungkapan..."jangan disimbah minyak pada api yang marak"?
the way u took it was like u sendiri yg menyimbah minyak pada badan sendiri yg memang dah terbakar..ape ni..?? control la..kalau nak ikutkan geram, ramai je yang akan offer diri tolong tonggang minyak gas kasik rentung, hehehe..but we choose not to...

jangan sampai hilang kawan.

what should i do, if i have to face and deal with an inconvenient truth about should i snap..?? I'll try my best not to..and bear in mind that it is a stupid thing to do..and I'll regret it later.

don't expect people to know you inside out.
bcoz sumtime u YOURSELF don't even know that much.

to snap is stupid, but doing stupid things when & while u snapped is even worst.

Say no evil, see no evil.
thank you!

...kemarahan ini ditujukan kepada kucing di rumah...