Thursday, 26 November 2009

The So-called-Daur-Ulang-Kitar-Semula-Recycle

This morning, on my way to canteen i saw three colourful objects..
these three objects made me happy and proud..


But i wonder if only these 3 bins are going to support the whole institute..(hahaha!!) or not.. i hope not. I will look around to find the others.. :)

Well, early this year I made an effort through our centre's Charity Club to initiate the recycle bin and activities. But it was not well received due to $$$ issues.. but since these colourful bins are already inside..maybe i can voice it out again.. as in "Saya dah nampak kat TS ada tong apa kata kita pun adakan juga..beli sendiri atau minta dari pengurusan.." People know that these recycle item will generate income. full stop. that's it. i wish they know that every effort they make will contributes to better environment & saving mother earth beside of 'generating income'. well, it is not easy to give awareness to people..environment awareness especially..but let's not give up!

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