Thursday, 26 November 2009

12 for 180

Paulo Coelho-my latest favorite author.
I'm a slow reader. I think his creations suit me well, as it needs concentration to understand hiss hidden messages.
Just started with The Alchemist (orang lain dh berzaman baca, aku baru nak baca. hehe..pedulikan, better to be late than never..hehe) i'm looking forward to continue with the other books. So, I went to Bangalore, India and found this series of books at the airport.
I hold the box for 15 minutes just to make the calculation..foreign exchange conversion.. $&%@* very bad with maths..having 2nd thoughts and finally made decided to take it home..
Very Cheap meeehhh..RM15 for each book (average). I bought the 1st book-The Alchemist- for RM34.90. See the differences? If you notice, the new set also comes with The Alchemist but who cares...hahahah!!
Maybe i should initiate a book club..hmmm..

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