Friday, 17 February 2006

it's only a job..huhuhu

i love my job,
it's the work that i hate..hahaha!!
just kidding =)

1. proposal for RM-9 research
2. proposal for IRPA-MOSTI
3. proposal for short-term grant
4. proposal for framework for MARDI PGRFA Management System
4. LP-RAPD on Pisang Tanduk & Pisang Nipah
5. MARDI Plant Genebank Database
6. National Agrobiodiversity Conference
7. Agroforestry Conference

IRPA= Intensification of Research in Priority Areas
MOSTI= Ministry of Science & Technology and Innovation
PGRFA= Plant Genetic Resource for Food and Agriculture
LP-RAPD= Long Primer- Random Amplified Polymorphism DNA
MARDI= Malaysian Agricultural Research & Development Institute

itulah timbunan kerja ku..
ape lagi...!!!! ramai2...mari buat kerja..
sesungguhnya aku dibayar gaji..


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