Wednesday, 23 April 2008


“Doing it right the first time”

As a junior scientist, a good kick start is what I need to go far into genetic resource utilization especially in pre-breeding and genetic enhancement of tropical fruit species. I would be thankful if I could get my pre-breeding knowledge and skills strengthened by the end of this training and hopefully my lack of experience in pre-breeding will be lessen as I attend this course. With all the genetic materials we have in *AR**, my target is to maximize the utilization of these genetic materials as to broaden the genetic base of some crop species for future use.

This is only a part of it. My boss asked me to justify WHY should i go for a plant pre-breeding course in Thailand. To my suprise, i was selected to join it..alhamdulillah. And to my suprise my boss asked me to give him reasons, i was a bit bengang due to my exhaustion, i have drained my brain these few days running a database, so how can i give him a good justification..rasa cam nak jerit2..hahaha!! just to paste my flow of thoughts here, as a memoir of what i did and my "janji manis" la..hehehe..