Wednesday, 20 September 2006

miss me not??

i have a not-so-sure boyfriend =)
huhu..actually i'm the one who's not that sure. uhuk!!!

i didn't contact him 4 couple of weeks..aiyoo..neither do him..
then my mum told me that he's not well..instead of calling, i sent him a message "miss me not??"
he called right away..
and asked me do i have any other boyfriend..what a funny question..
so i just laughed, then he added " i swear that u have other many??"
i answered.. "oo..yeah..i do many?? ten of them.."

yeah..i sakan ber'seronot' during my free holiday vacation cum treasure hunt at tasik Kenyir..
so he did-- have strong hunches..pity him, dislocated his spine (i think) during football last week.. alalalala...kesian..

i do miss him..but i'm confused..doomed in confusion..
erm..need more time to figure it out..

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