Wednesday, 20 September 2006

treasure hunt..

win a treasure hunt??
never in my life..
treasure hunt selalu nampak bosan bcoz i have this hard time finding things..

but this one is quite interesting bcoz u have to use ur brain more than using ur eyes..haha i like that very much..infact we got the 5th place..not bad!

so the story begin..
SR juniors..

hehe..iye sangatla aku nak tulih
panjang2..tak reti la..

Facts on TASik Kenyir Treasure Hunt 2006
1. maya still having hard time finding the answer..haha!!
2. aziz is very good in maths, fizik, bio, psikologi..but he didn't know that Losong is a name of a place..Losong feri is a place, not a keropok..haha!
3. keropok losong amaat sedap..
4. team euphoria : >> Ct and ziana best..Dr razali cool..
5. azuan still having hard time taking pics.. =)
6.azuan and maya succeeded in impressing aziz about a place called kerteh..the limelight was great..
7. SR juniors can join other treasure hunt and win..huahua
8. tasik kenyir is awesome!!! the best word to describe it.. SUBhanallah..

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