Wednesday, 2 July 2008

my Tom Yam Trip..

i attended GIPB Plant Pre-Breeding Training Course..the participants came from various countries..thailand (thats for sure..), malaysia, myanmar, vietnam, indonesia, china, turkey, iran, the philippines,fiji, papua new guinea, india, bangladesh..i was among the 20 participants funded by FAO to attend it..we were given with some allowance..which i spent on my shopppppppiiinnnngg...hihi..

nak cite panjang2, mmg panjang sebab ada 11 hari punya cerita, tapi meh aku bagi fakta2 penting..

1. orang thailand sangat bersih!
2. mereka juga rajin dan tidak lokek nak kongsi ilmu
3. mereka sangat sayang raja mereka
4. mereka juga berdisplin berdiri tegak mendengar lagu negara mereka bile lagu tu berkumandang. setiap hari lagu tu berkumandang kol 8pagi
5. musim buah oooo...puas makan fresh urian,rambutan, manggis,laici..
6. the course was great, i got all the basics and also the advance tools in plant breeding. the foward now is to implement it...go go maya!!
7. pLant breeding--my love at first sight..hihi..
8. i got the chance to get to know people from other countries in a short period of time..make new new network..
9. two first, it was hard to hear us laughing, everyone was damn serious, but after a couple of days, laughter had became endemic..LOL!!
10. as we arrived there, myanmar and china was hit by these natural disasters (cyclone nargis, earthquake), to share our views and concerns..really made me remember one thing, eventhough we are different, but skin deep we are the same..sympathy and empathy will always be there..
11. everyday during the course, we have at least 4 hours of lectures..OMG..kebas otak..!
12. we visited the grand palace, fantabulous,beautiful..i really appreciate the landscape and the monuments..
13. one crazy guy, among us, asked me to marry him..hahah..gilo opo??
14. lastly, eventhough i was there for nearly two weeks, i could only memorized two siamese phrases.. "sawat dee kaaaa" + "khorb khun kaaaa"... =P

sekian untuk kali ni..tunggu la hapdet yg akan datang..bile ntah..hhehehehe

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