Thursday, 13 November 2008


Dear Sacrosanct,

it has been a while..long-time-no-write-here..(broken english)..hihi...i should be preparing my presentation..we will have a bombardment session for ScienceFund proposal (haha!!) but i need to write sumthing here..

-->>a new experience and emotion..
since last August, i've been struggling to get myself out from my cocoon..i wanna be out in the real world, to do what i love..which is..learning..

to cut the story short, i took my chance to improve, prove and validate myself..(what the hell am i mumbling 'bout..?) i've been stucked and strangled for about 3 years..kena banyak sabar..Tuhan nak ajar aku bersabar..sebab aku ni kurang sabar..

to cut the story shorter..(again!) i joined a Science and Technology Exhibition..
well, with one week behind my schedule (i went for a biodiversity inventory for a week), i used all the resources i had and produced a very nice poster, with some interesting live samples..(some said that i could win the best poster..or maybe a medal..hihi) unfortunately i did not..

well, i'm a bit sad..(it wont be long..) but i'm more frustrated by the fact that information is not considered as product..(most of the time). After all the mumbling..talking..bla bla bla, globalization bla bla bla, people still need to see a box or a bottle on the table as a "product". my point is, information is also an asset, without the fundamental research and the information generated by it, there will be gaps..that will hinder the process of creating a technology..

bla bla bla..
i really hope that the perspective towards information as an asset (product) will be a reality in the years to come..

by the way, i did won sumthing..i won sumbody's heart..
my boss loved my work, he simply said "you won won my heart with your poster..."
thanks boss, i really appreciate it..GOLD MEDAL for year..amin

and the best thing is..
I'm outside the cocoon..i'm FREE..!!!

(credits to my MAMU yang MANIS for the pic)