Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Clumsy Me~ ^.^

Wednesday Morning around 11am 01-02-2012
Walking down the stairs with my sister heading to my car from Klinik Kesihatan UPM

Suddenly a man in front of us turned towards us and asked,
He: Excuse me, where is the GSO (graduate school office)?
Me: It's quiet far from here. Just go straight up there (showing to the left of the road)
He: Ok, I'll walk to the main road..
Me: You were saying?? (pekak badak macam biasa)
He: I'll walk to the main road..
Me: Owh OK..
He walked on, and we headed to our car. I was thinking of giving him a ride to GSO since it's on my way back home. So I started cruising and saw him 300m ahead of us. He stopped again, to ask for direction. Perhaps, he wonder how far he should walk to reach GSO. 
I stopped and offered him a ride.
He smiled and accepted the offer. 

We chit and chat and arrived at the GSO.
He: Thank you. I will give you my phone number. If you need anything please give me a call.
Me:'s OK. This is nothing, just a favour.
He: Please...
Me: Ok. Let me write it down..
He: Ok. Zero-One-Seven-Two-Two-Four- Nine-Seven-Nine-Four (not the real number)
Me: Ok..ahaaa...ok..017-2-2-4-6-7-6-4
He: It is nine, not six.
Me: Hah? Where, which one?
He: There..let me write it down. 017-2-2-4-6-9-7-6-9-4 (replacing my six(s) with nine(s).. haha..clumsy me!
Me: Ok. What is your name?
He: Farid (smile)
Me: Owh Farid. Nice meeting you Farid.
He: What's yours?
Me: My name is Maya.
He: Marya?
Me: No. Maya.
He: Ok Maya, thank you very much. Can I have your number too?
Me: Sure, later I'll text you.
He: Ok. Thanks again.
Off we went...HOME..

As we reached home, I wanted to TEXT him as i promised, so I started texting while talking to my sister about being dyslexic. 

That is when I sent him this:
Me: Hi Farid, I'm Farid
And without fail, he replied,
He: Hi Maya, I'm Maya.
He has good eyes and good sense of humor. I ended up literally rolling-on-the-floor-laughing, joined by my sisters when they read the text. 

MAYA SCORED PERFECT TEN MARKS FOR THIS. THANK YOU. the way, he's from Iran just arrived in Malaysia 4 days ago.. 


Anonymous said...

This what make Maya, 'Maya' only Maya...hehehe...


fatimatuzzahra said...

hi tim,i'm tim..maya giler klakar..d best la in 2012..cant wait to tell lissa n dee..saya kalo boleh pun nak bergolek atas kat opis la pulak..

fatimatuzzahra said...

owh halamk dee dah reply arr..hihuuu...

maYA IJau said...

Haha..sabo je la kan..itula maya..
aritu kes masuk kiri pi toilet..

Che Kay said...

hahahahaha! berputikkah?

Anonymous said...

maya kan kompiden...saye pun bejangkit dah...tapi xjadi cute macam maya la...huhu...

saye malas nak sign in...terukkan...tu pun malas...adoyai...


maYA IJau said...

abg kay, takde putik2..kenal2 je.. buat kawan. org dalam kesusahan kita mesti tolong.. :)

maYA IJau said...

dee, ahaa...must be confident all the time! salah no.2.

Norlela said...

hahahhaa... Hi Lela, I'm lela.... hehhe.. miss your laugh lah...

maYA IJau said...

he's good you know.

Me: Hi there, I'm here.
He: Hi here. Where are you..?


maYA IJau said...

kak lela, i miss you too!