Friday, 24 November 2006


who can stand rejection..?? pliz stand up.
definitely not me..i'm not that strong..
Rasulullah?? yes..

my sciencefund proposal was a total was rejected..
no more kickstart..instead i have to start all over again..

this is what they say about my proposal:

For durian, in view of its decreasing commercial potential
in future, suggest similar work to be carried out on more important and emerging
fruit types eg: *****,#####,%%%%%.
In future, research should focus on the crop of study or relevant discipline with sufficient detail to justify chosen area of research. REJECT.

i thought i was strong enough to face this rejection, but i ended up crying everytime i read this comment. lembik btol pempuan nie..huhuhu..that's why i post it so that i can challenge myself.

failure is the essence of success..right??

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