Friday, 24 November 2006

when you lost it..

it seemed like such fun
until you loose what you have won..
look what you've done
you made a fool of everyone..

i nearly lost my ummi..
that's what happenned last week.
it made think twice to disobey ummi ever again..(insyaAllah)
ummi had a stroke while having discussion with me and falah..

cant tell you the whole story..i'd rather delete it from my memory stick hehe..i stayed with ummi for almost 36 hours..i cant sleep..when ummi was sleeping i cried beside her..never felt like this before..the feeling of loosing someone you love the most..your strength, your sunshine.. everything..i went to work on Wednesday..trying to be normal, telling myself to keep it together but that evening i ended up crying my heart out..i called upon a trusted fren to stay with me..a guy actually. so he saw me crying like a baby..huhuhu..i think a had a nervous breakdown (",) but feeling better right after..

i'm okay now..ready to face all go girl!!

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