Tuesday, 13 April 2010

kenapa ulat, bukan cacing??

Book worm..diterjemahkan kepada ulat buku..kenapa bukan cacing buku..??
Soalan yang terlintas dalam kepala aku 2 MINGGU lepas..
Life has been so tremendously busy this year. seriously this year is the most busy since i started working as a researcher in 2005.
My nature of work is travelling to find good stuffs...haha..sound interesting haa..usually me and my team will go out on weekly a state and decice which species of FRUIT to find. and i got paid just by dooing these thingss...hahahha..just kidding..

basically I'm working and walking on clouds, searching and looking for species of tropical fruits, namely, oranges, jackfruit and banana and its wild relatives. we will go on a trip to find these trees and if we are lucky enough, we will find fruits to bring back to the research institute where we will sow the seeds and take care of the seedlings until they are big enough to be transferred to a place we call field genebank. Field Genebank is a place full of trees that acts as back up in case of emergency. Let say, one day a species of banana is wiped out because of flood, typhoon or even can simply ask from a genebank for some back up material to be planted at your place to replace the ones destroyed by plant disease or natural disaster. THINK OF THAT!
it sounds easy..but it is not. it is full of challenges. there was this incident in Pahang where i was chased by this guy with with big long 'parang' in his hand. just because i was late for the appointment..actually what happened was i went to his place but he was somewhere inside his orchard and we cant find him,so we decide to go to his neighbour..and sometime, you go and you brought back nothing..

All these travelling, week by week, made me think, how much i have wasted by time doing nothing through the journey..i need to do something useful to kill the time..i used to paint, and i love it very much but due to time constraint i seldom have the time to do so..
so the next best thing is READING..
i was this budak malas baca buku.
but when i joined University of Malaya for my Bachelor degree, i fall in love with the library. the library is the best place to study and sleep! the library was my sacrosanct~hahaha. Books are important when i want to sleep, because i will stack up a few books and use it as pillow for my nap there..aaahhhhhh...missed that! i even love the smell of the old books, so my fave spot will be somewhere in this science books are pretty old, so it was a very strategic spot for me too.
if i need to know somehing, i will choose like 5 most relevant books, read all of them until i'm satitisfied with the answer i need.i can read for indulge with knowledge!! it was a bit tiring when you have 7 subjects in one semester, but who dares to distrurb me in my sacrosanct!! i am not the kind of student who likes to memorize everything and understand nothing. I want to understand everything and memorize a lil bit..lazy me..hehe

My interest in reading started in 2002 when my lil bro Fiqri bought me a book for my birthday. the book was so much fun i began to buy most every book written by the author- Sophie Kinsella. Since then i never stop reading...

this entry is too long..i will continue in the next i wish i could write this long EASILY for my scientific paperss...hahaha..*sigh*


Che Kay said...

Library.....tak kan ku lupa memori yang buat aku nak sekeh kawan2. Ketika itu librabylah segalanya. Dan satu hari tu ketika penat study, ter'lelap'lah seketika. Bila 'tersedar' kawan2 semeja semua dah pindah 4-5 meja ke depan. dan aku keseorangan. hahahaha Rupa2nya aku 'lelap' sambil berdengkur! =P

Btw kat rumah la ni ada 5 buah buku, sayangnya semua belum habis baca. huhuhu Kenapakah itu terjadi? mungkin waktu senggang yang sesuai belum ditemui. huhu

maya ijau said...

hahaha..saya lone ranger..salu gi library sorang2..kawan2 bukan jenis suke g library..kengkadang je..

baca buku tak perlu terus habes..sikit2..