Wednesday, 28 April 2010

Taglines..can u understand??

Merhaba Dunya..

Today i met more than 2 dozens of new a so-called strangers-get-together kinda thing.
So i came up with these taglines...for ice breaking purpose..

"Hi, the name is Maya, as in Maya Karin, but EXTRA LARGE.."

Disclaimer: Only applicable in Malaysia and places where they know who Maya Karin is..

In case people are speaking to you about self-discovery, you can menyampuk with..

"I tried to google myself yesterday, but couldn't find any.."
And whenever you are trying to make up after being so anoyying, you can say..

"I am so sengal, I need somebody to paste a KOYOK on my brain.."

I really need some sleep..because i just gone through a very interesting, eye-opening experience in one day..need to do a temporary shut down to recover all the data..Nite peeps!!

1 comment:

Che Kay said...

sedang cube memahami benda yang tak berapa nak paham... hehehehehehe