Saturday, 24 April 2010

the last 24 hours...

I need to submit a translation my boss asked me to finish by yesterday evening..( know what i mean..actually the work is pending because i know that the person whom i should send the translation to is currently at Tenggol Island for a dive i am taking my own sweet time la..yeahhhhh...)

Well, my comel car is having a fever. Currently 'mogok'ing, tak boleh start..and the best part is i dont even bothered to take it to the workshop..why? because i have decided to do some Chillaxing this weekend. Dont want to stress myself talking to the mechanics, dont want to think about the money to be paid to them for the problem caused..

i was so lucky to have good and helpful neighbours.. Mrs. A and Mr. H.
Mrs. A was not well and got herself an MC, so i got a ride with Mr. H.
Mr. H was very kind to even take me to Putrajaya for an errand there..
On the way to Putrajaya we talked about our plans for the coming weekends..
I told him that I want to stay at home doing nothing..

So i did..literally...

  • Friday nite: Slept at 9pm
  • Isya' prayer at 5 am
  • Subuh prayer at 6.30am
  • Slept till 9.30am
  • Took a bath, too lazy to make my own bed.
  • Had 2 bananas and a chocolate for breakfast
  • Turned on my lappy, opened the translation document..pondering..and pondering for the next one hour.
  • Got a YM msg from Wak J..asking me to help him to complete a document..sorry boss, not today..not on my perfect chillaxing i turned of my YM..haha!
  • Watched cartoons, hoping that i can watch Spongebob Squarepants (my fave) but missed it. Boring!
  • 10.30am Went back to my room..started updating my almari..segregating my clothes from my sisters'...
  • Went to the kitchen and did some laundry..4 batches..phewwww~
  • 12.00pm Then again, i tried to continue my translation work..but got distracted with my hungry tummy, and decided to prepare lunch..nasik panas+sambal ikan bilis with kentang+telur dadar+jeruk maman..
  • Cooking...lalalalalalala...
  • 1.30pm Had my lunch while watching "Did You Heard about the Morgans?"
  • Zohor prayer
  • 3.30pm Continued with another movie "Muallaf"
  • Asar prayer
  • Chit chat with mummy; Gave her birthday present i bought in Alor Star..chit chat chit chat..
  • Maghrib prayer
  • Surfed the net
  • Facebooking
  • Uploaded some photos in FB
  • Did a 2-page-translation..satu page lagi tapi dah malasss
  • Makan nasik
  • A friend suggested that i post an entry i did...

So that's all peeps..a very chiLLaxing 24 hours for me..Alhamdulillah..nothing interesting..but who cares, as long as i am happy..gud nite!

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