Tuesday, 1 August 2006

Lebanon~i've been there

summer 1999..

on our journey to Cairo, the plane landed (transit) in Beirut..
i got the chance to see Beirut.. to feel the air...
the building memang macam nak runtuh..with so many holes here n there..
and the airport was guarded by mens with rifles in their hands.. imagine that..

unfortunately, ISraEL laknatullah has made things worst..

ape salah kanak2 tu.. YA Allah..lindungilah saudara2 seagamaku..

let the pictures speak for themselves...

1. George Semak (USA) , John Coward (AUS) , Tony Blur (UK) tu giler...elok kena kelar je leher diorang nie.. mati lagi baik!!
2. my instincts says that this kaum terkutuk is distracting mata dunia dengan menyerang Lebanon..whereby rite now they have more dreadful suprises for the palestinian..,,1807749,00.html

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