Monday, 14 August 2006

LEFT-Handers Day

13 August 2006

erm..i dont know that people celebrate this day.. but i'm ok with it..
proud to be one..

Happy Left-Handers Day to the 13% of world's population..haha!!
my special dedication to my frenz: Adilah, Khansa'; Ende (my auntie> very fantastic cook)

It reminds me on how hard for me to convince my parents that i'm not purposely eating with my left hand.. (^_^) my youngest sister is left-handed too..but she didn't have to face the hard-time.. FYI, at the age of 23 i'm still having problem with my right and left. why is it so confusing?? that's why maya can't be a mum said that..hahahahahahah!!!!!

check this out:


Serena said...

Power to the left handed people!!! I'm a proud left handed lady. =)

Anonymous said...

adakah membuat aktiviti dalam toilet menggunakan tangan kiri boleh celebrate jugak?

maYA IJau said...

huhu..ape nie..
mane bleh kire yg tu..