Monday, 2 January 2012

Who asked you to sit on the wall?

Happy New Year everybody.. It's 2012.. Wow!! Time flies...
I'm on study mode, final exam on the 5th. Advance Statistics. While studying, i listened to this online country radio. they played this song.. Humpty Dumpty Heart (by Hank Thompson) Kinda have a love humpty dumpty song :P

So here goes the lyrics:

Humpty Dumpty sat on the wall
Humpty Dumpty had a big fall
All the King's horses all the King's men
Could never put Humpty together again

I've got a Humpty Dumpty heart
You dropped it and broke it apart all the King's horses
All the King's men could never put it together again
Cause when I gave to you my heart you said that we must part
That was my doom my heart went boom
I got a Humpty Dumpty heart

Now a heart is a fragile thing
When dropped it won't bounce or ring
It ain't no joke cause when it's broke
No love song will it sing

I didn't think you were that sort
When I handed you my heart
You got it on a platter but you let it shatter
My Humpty Dumpty Heart
No offence Mr. Humpty, but why on earth are you sitting on the wall. GO AND SCRAMBLE YOURSELF!!


fatimatuzzahra said...

all da best ende maya..awak ade exam x on d 27th?

maYA IJau said...

takde..nak ajak gi mane? hehehe