Thursday, 8 January 2009

PROMOTED and dented

today: we got our promotion~from Grade 41 to 44. Alhamdulillah (",)
today: my savvy got dented. A lousy old man in his lousy mercedes simply bumped into the driver door..and as usual, all this happened with me not in the mum borrowed my car for she had an appointment with a dentist (since her car is still in the workshop, also dented-got hit by a wildboar).
tak mood ah..

nak pergi turki ni, keje pun byk nk kena setel b4 pegi..tambah plak, kete kemek, hujan air masuk kot pintu...aduh..nk parking kat mane nih..kena pinjam parking Dr. Usop la camni..ekeke..
i wish i have a companion to help me sort this thing up..dah penat urus seme benda seorang diri.. erm..tapi kalo ada lousy companion same jugak..kena buat sendiri..

sekian terima kasih..

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