Friday, 1 May 2009

im-pro-vised : )

wow!! bulan april banyaknya posting!! hehe..
43 minutes to midnite, so this will bw the last entry for April 2009.

last month, a friend of mine suggested me to create a travel blog.. well, I wish I could and I wish a could manage it well..
but i think, one blog would be enough for me..hehe
so, what I did was...i categorized all my of the categories is Travelogue..well i do travel a Malaysia as well as, my travelogue will be my travel blog..(sort of..)
erm..throughout the inventory process, i read my entries and i was like.."did i wrote this??" hahaha!! ada yang sedih, ada yang gembira, tazkirah, ada yang merapu, ada gurauan dan sebagainya..tak kiralah kategori pun..this blog is my flow of is sacred and definitely inviolable.. : )

Boss, if you read this..ini je yang aku mampu buat..hihi..

1 comment:

Kay Faizal said...

tak pe, tak kesah la apa pon jenis blog cik maya manis, yang penting kita enjoy apa yang ditekan2 di keyboard itu walaupun yang ditekan2 merupakan kisah sengsara. :)