Sunday, 3 May 2009

25 tu sikit je

Dipetik dari mukabukuku..kita rasa kita tahu semua benda pasal diri kita, tapi bila disuruh tulis, langsung lupa..Okay..let's see..what i can write about myself.

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1. i'm currently reading John Gray's book: Men are form Mars. Women are from Venus.

2. Having to be the second child (with previous history of second/middle child syndrome :P ) and a Scorpio is a very good combination..if you know what i mean..stubbornness ..mood swing..OMG!!

3. i'm a left handed person and still having problem with my 'left and right' orientation..seb baik tak jadi doktor..

4. when i eat, my left eye will be 'happy', it keeps on jumping!

5. i have not decide when to go back to Malaysia.

6. when i do things i should not do..i will get 'paid' cash..i twisted my ankle last two weeks..

7. i cried last week when an old lady wants me to marry her boy..actually i cried for different reason..what a scene :p

8. i have two reports to be sent to Malaysia, but i writing a NOTE instead..

9. my latest fave word is "REALLY??'

10. i know that my sisters and my mum are missing me badly..

11. i can survive without rice..hehe

12. i'm a pekak badak..sound trouble dan yang sewaktu dengannya

13. Emotional, I am..I even cried to see Spongebob being sad when Gary ran a away from home...huhuhu

14. i like to go on a shopping spree with kak dayang

15. right now i'm having scramble eggs with sliced sucuks, baked beans dan bread.

16. boleh jadi gila bila jumpa lipas dan cicak..thank God, tak jumpa lagi makhluk Allah ni kat Turki.

17. I don't have any wisdom tooth..

18. My full set of teeth is only 26 instead of 32..bukan sebab dicabut tetapi memang begitu..

19. I donate blood regularly..and my brothers and sisters do the same too..mari berbakti!

20. When i was six, while i was walking (in my neighborhood) to a shop (kedai runcit) i saw a girl was on fire. she was shaking the grill but didn't scream for help so i thought it was my imagination..the next day i notice people were visiting the girl's house. I asked my father "why"...obviously she didn't survive the fire, and she was a handicapped that's why i didn't hear any scream..i feel sorry for her until now and a bit rasa bersalah sebab tak tolong die..maaf ye kak...huhuhu...

21. people tend to tell their secrets to me..hehehe

22. I love Turkiye!

23. I have henna on my right hand

24. SNOL doesn't have any meaning. but it is our (me and my siblings) favorite word.

25. today (25/4/2009) is my mum birthday. Happy Birthday Ummi..Love you!


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Kay Faizal said...

patut la macam pernahku baca. Dlm MukaBuku rupenye! :)